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How Zero Percent Commission Online Ordering Solution Works?

Our ordering solution is free of extra charges and we do not believe in commission on every order generated through the application. Thus we provide zero commission ordering solution. Thus by getting your app with us you cut the commission cost.

No Commission Only Profit

With our ordering solution which includes simple but integrated and affordable apps for takeaways. You can generate more orders and save commission that you generally pay by ordering through other platforms. Having an own app also builds your brand and you will have your own loyal customers. When the commission vanishes from your orders, you will see an instant increase in profit and also you get to keep regular customers.

As your profit grows, you will be able to widen the range of your ordering solution and grow business to areas you would have never thought of when you started.

Dedicated Support Team

If you have any problems related to our ordering solution, you have our support team. Our team is there to answer all your queries, and optimize the solution to suit your business. Just take care of your business and leave the technical aspect to us. Just tell every customer about the app and do not forget to tell your staff to make good food! After all, this is what keeps you in business.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    For apps to be successful, it should be available on possible applications.

  • Website


    You can set up any domain name to redirect to your ordering page and it can act as a simple website for you.

  • management-dashboard

    Management dashboard

    A history of past orders and deliveries is also available for reference and online monitoring of stats.

  • Plug-and-play Printer

    Plug-and-play printer

    A dedicated system can receive these orders, which are then added to the orders from a website.

  • Integrated payment processing

    Integrated payment processing

    AppWeb ordering solution systems integrated with customized, fast and reliable payment processing services.

  • Promotional launch pack and advice

    Promotional launch pack and advice

    There are many ways of doing this but one thing is for sure that you need to promote it constantly.