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Mobile Apps For Takeaways– Ordering Solutions For Restaurants


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With more and more people coming online through their mobile devices, mobile apps have become a critical part of the business. Mobile apps allow the customers to have all the information they require, and this is where our experienced and innovative designers and developers chip in. They will develop an app for your business, increasing its visibility and revenue.

For apps to be successful, it should be available on possible applications. There are not so many with Windows systems, iOS and Android being the only significant players. To start with Android and iOS should be there.

We are a company based in Aberdeen, UK with a focus on providing custom food ordering apps to our esteemed clients. This custom-built mobile app is made for both Android and iOS, so that the takeaway app gives maximum results. The range of apps includes restaurant apps, food retail apps and takeaway app. Our teams of app developers ensure that you get the maximum out of the business. The app will feature brand name, logo and well crafted menus that are easy to navigate. Getting the app is a four step process.

Receiving orders through app makes processing orders very easy. Some of the major points covered in the app are:

  1. Orders right on your mobile device – You do not need an extra machine for orders. The orders are delivered right to your mobile phone making order management very easy.
  2. Get audio notifications – The app gives an audio signal when new orders arrive. This helps in getting notified and also quickly processing the order.
  3. Order Details on your finger tips – The app has a complete view of the order within the reach of your fingers. Just tap and you get the full details.
  4. Order or Reject by pushing a button – The dedicated buttons for accepting and rejecting makes it easy for you to accept and reject.
  5. Monitor Live Daily Sales – You get the daily sales report right there on your phone. Viewing the daily report was never this easy.
  6. Orders received and not delivered – You can delight the customers by tracking their orders and giving them notifications about their orders. The pending orders section of the app lets you do this very conveniently.

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