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Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

Every minute counts in the restaurant and take-away industry. Management dashboard is online tools for track real-time performance. With the help of our management dashboard you will able to control all aspects of your online ordering.

It is very easy to use and can be accessed from any devices like mobile phone, laptops or you can use computer systems also. But all these devices must have internet connectivity at

Managing The Orders:

Your menu is already loaded into the system and is available for the customers, where they choose the dishes they want to order. Once the order is placed you will get a live update on the order management system via visual cues and audio messages so that you do not miss any order. A history of past orders and deliveries is also available for reference and online monitoring of stats. You can make changes of available and unavailable items in your menu using the online management system.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports:

Any business requires being aware of their status and this is possible using the online management system on the management dashboard. All invoices, orders and date wise logs are available, which you can view online or download on your device and can take print of them too.

Updating Settings:

The online order management system requires updating and configuring the system to keep it updated and customized as per the requirement. It is quite simple to manage this and our team will help you navigate through it. Once you use it for a few times, you will become adept at handling it as the navigation is quite easy and the management system is made to be user friendly. So, just be on your computer monitor the orders and see your revenue grow through the roof!

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